Surveying & Inspection Services

Deaspec Marine Surveying provide many services to cover your vessel survey and boat inspection requirements, here is a list of the most common service we provide:

Boat Inspections Get a quote

Don't need a report but you just want a general inspection of the vessel completed? Deaspec Marine Surveying can carry out a boat inspection on any trailer boat or vessel and report to you verbally as to its condition.

Boat Valuations Get Quote

Deaspec Marine Surveying can provide you with a written vessel valuation and appraisal, this is most commonly used to obtain a market or agreed value of a vessel for insurance of finance purposes.

Condition Reports Get Quote

Has your vessel been refurbished or undergone extensive repair work? Condition Reports for boats are a good way to assist in signing off on such a project or works to identify any defects or issues that have gone unforeseen.

Damage Survey

Has your boat or marine craft been damaged, become defective or sustained a loss? Deaspec Marine Surveying can provide you with an independent appraisal to assist you during the repair or rectification process.

Dispute Resolution Charged Per Hour

Have you got an issue with your vessel, repairer, manufacturer or has a repair become defective and you are unable to come to a resolution? Deaspec Marine Surveying may be able to assist you through with our dispute resolution services.

Insurance Assessing

Deaspec Marine Surveying are well versed in marine hull insurance and the claims process. We provide independent insurance assessment of all marine craft and boats of all sizes and shapes for insurers and individuals.

Insurance Risk Evaluation Get a quote

If you are buying a vessel or have had a boat insured for a while, at some stage your insurance company may request an insurance risk evaluation report. This type of survey and inspection concentrates on the overall safety and seaworthiness of the vessel.

Limited Boat Surveys Get a quote

On some occasions, a full pre-purchase or insurance survey is not required. Common types of limited surveys are Below waterline survey or a Structural Hull Survey. These surveys are limited and tailored to your requirements.

Pre-Purchase Marine Survey Get a quote

Ideal with those who are considering purchasing a vessel or have purchased a vessel subject to a marine survey. Pre-purchase boat inspections involve a comprehensive inspection and reporting of most areas of a vessel.